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The brief for Port Solent Artwork

  • Three main images to reflect the different attractions for Port Solent.
  • The Artwork must use the new Port Solent brand colours.
  • Be able to withstand rain, sun and any other weather types all year round.
  • Interactive elements to the artwork so visitors can find out information and events.

Solution for Port Solent Artwork

  • Three main images were hand drawn and cut into art stencils, ready to be sprayed on to primed walls between the Trading Post shopping and the havester.
  • Main parts of the images were spray canned using Kobra & Ironla spray cans, then coated with a Ironla varnish to seal the paint.
  • Elements of the Port Solent Artwork were hand painted in the new Port Solent brand colours helping to highlight the interactive section of the artwork for visitors/users.
  • Interactive QR codes for visits to swipe and be linked to the website related pages. Dinning/kids club/shopping/interactive book club.